Community Engagement and Employee Engagement: Facilitating Japantown Community Meetings

One of the characteristics of a best employer is to listen to employee input regularly and to solicit employee feedback before making any major changes. Likewise, before implementing major rezoning changes to a community, you want to get input from your community stakeholders such as the residents and businesses. San Francisco’s Japantown did just that before implementing a rezoning strategic plan.

A team of ASTD Golden Gate Chapter‘s Community Outreach Program (COP) volunteers designed and facilitated the first of three large-scale community meetings in Japantown last Wednesday. The City’s Planning Department and the Japantown Organizing Committee had developed a set of recommendations for revitalizing Japantown. This meeting was aimed at getting the community’s feedback and input to these recommendations. Continue reading “Community Engagement and Employee Engagement: Facilitating Japantown Community Meetings”

Employee retention: What you can do to keep your key talent

A recent Corporate Executive Board (CEB) study of 983 employees in the financial industry found that compensation is not a key driver of employee retention although it has a very low satisfaction score (satisfaction with compensation ranked 35th out of 38 attributes surveyed). Before you roll your eyes and say “really?” Please pause and think about it. Who wouldn’t want to be paid more? And who would agree that they are compensated sufficiently even if they are well paid? Continue reading “Employee retention: What you can do to keep your key talent”

Leadership Training in the Cloud

Imagine what your leadership development program would look like if you could source most of your contents from the Internet, for free.

What? Source content from the Internet? How do I sell this program to my managers and employees if it’s not built by our team in-house or bought from a reputable vendor? Did I hear objections already??

Well, Google did just that. At the ASTD Golden Gate Chapter‘s program last week, Julie Clow at Google presented to a full room of eager L&D professionals in San Francisco about the future of leadership training–learning in the “cloud”.
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Employee Survey Feedback: Have fun with your presentation

We advise our clients to share their employee survey results with their employees after the conclusion of the study. Acknowledging that employees’ opinions have been heard will help build employee trust.

You don’t have to show all the results by each questionnaire items (you don’t want to overwhelme your employees with too much information!). But you need to share with them highlights of the survey results, and interpret the results within the context of your business environment and business goals. If you have results from a previous year employee survey, it would be beneficial to show trends on key metrics such as employee engagement score, overall job satisfaction scores, and any particular areas of measurement that you want to track. Read More…

Using Performance Appraisals to Engage Employees and Create a Positive Work Environment

2011 is off to a quick start and the economy seems to be on a gradual recovery. According to a 2010 Manpower survey, 84% of employees plan to look for new jobs this year. Do you have a strategy in place to keep your key talent?

Our research shows that key factors that engage employees include:

  • a clear company mission
  • open and honest communications that build trust among employees
  • commitment to employee development
  • regular recognition and acknowledgement of employee contributions

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Gazing into Learning’s Crystal Ball

What are the questions workplace learning professionals (WLPs) are facing now? What training and development trends will we see 12 months from now? These were the questions we played with at the ASTD Golden Gate‘s September seminar, “Gazing into Learning’s Crystal Ball: What’s happening now, what’s coming and what does it mean?” facilitated by Lance Dublin, founder and CEO of Dublin Group.

Lance brought with him three distinguish panelists: Julie Clow, Learning and Organizational Development manager, EngEDU at Google; Adam Nelson, Executive Director of Linden Lab; and Omar Nielsen, Senior Manager for Learning Technologies within HR at Genentech, Inc.
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How Often do You Need to Survey Your Employees?

I attended an NCHRA seminar on “The ROI of HR: Top Measures for the Business” this morning. Among the metrics and measurements discussed by LaTonya Oliver, Senior Consultant of TPO, is survey.

When do you survey employees and how often do you survey employees? And on what topic? LaTonya recommends conducting just-in-time surveys on specific topics so that once you get the data, you can analyze it and take action to make changes or explain why no changes are made.

I agree. And I will add that if you want to conduct regular employee surveys to gauge employee engagement level (some clients incorporate this metric into their managers and leaders’ performance score), I recommend that you do it on a yearly basis or at least every 18 months but not longer than two years.
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