Job Crafting As a Way to Create a Meaningful Work Experience


Last week, I wrote about Employee-centered job design as a way to create meaningful work experiences and retain employees. This week, I want to turn the focus to helping employees create meaningful experiences at work.

Most of us spend at least 8 hours at work. That’s 50% of our waking hours if you are among the lucky ones who get at least 8 hours of sleep! As an employee, what can you do to make your experience at work more enjoyable?

Suggestions for Creating a More Meaningful Work Experience

Craft your job. Are there opportunities within your role or team to craft your jobs to make it meaningful for you? You may try to reframe your day-to-day activities in such a way that align these activities with your interests and strengths.

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Employee-Centered Job Design as a Way to Create Meaningful Work Experiences and Retain Employees

The US economy continues to do well and the unemployment rate continues to decline. Healthcare and information technology will feel the most acute talent shortage. What can you do to motivate and retain your key talent?

A recent Korn Ferry survey of 4,900 professionals found that the number one reason professionals want to switch jobs is because they are bored at work (33%). In contrast, only 19% of respondents reported higher salaries as a reason for changing job.

This result is not surprising. Our research with our clients consistently finds that doing challenging and interesting work and having opportunities for development are two key drivers of employee engagement. Pay is a hygiene factor that is needed to keep employees from feeling dissatisfied but not a motivating factor. Continue reading “Employee-Centered Job Design as a Way to Create Meaningful Work Experiences and Retain Employees”

Engaging Employees Using a Hackathon


Agile. Networks of teams. Engaging employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle. These are three of the top 10 most important human capital trends of 2017 according to Deloitte.  Consistent with these trends, the use of employee hackathons to solve organizational problems is on the rise. This is not surprising as more companies want to create engaging employee experiences.

What is an Employee Hackathon?

An employee hackathon is a fun and fast-paced event that brings diverse groups of employees together to solve organizational problems. Employees typically work in teams. They use agile methodology to create prototypes. Once the “hacks” are complete, teams pitch their solutions to senior leaders. And the winning solutions will be funded and implemented.

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