Meditation At Work

I woke up. Almost immediately, I was thinking about the one thousand and one things on my to-do list, and began to feel overwhelmed. Do you have a similar experience?

You know that’s not a good way to start your day. Can you get out of the “doing” mode and try the “being” mode for a while?

Take a deep breath. Refocus. Meditate.

Finding quietness in our busy life is gaining importance. Companies such as Google, Intel, and Stubhub provide meditation sessions and quiet retreats for employees who want to recharge and experience quietness. There is increasing evidence that being quiet and in solitude can increase productivity and creativity compared with working in a team, as long as being alone does not morph into being isolated.

I find Pico Iyer’s TED talk on this topic inspiring and beautiful. Anderson Cooper’s recent interview with CBS provides a broad survey of the science behind the timeless practice of meditation.

How can you find a sliver of space and time during your workday to be quiet and just breathe? If you were a manager or a leader, how could you support your employees to be still during the workday as a way to help them recharge, refocus, and refresh?

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  1. Meditation at work is great. I used to work for a company that had a small private room that I was able to use of 10 minutes a day. Unfortunately my current company doesn’t have a place like this. Some days I make to the car for a while to meditate, but most days I go without 🙁

    Great post.

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