The Future of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and retention will continue to be key talent management concerns for leaders in 2015. The increased use of mobile devices, data analytics, and employment expectations of millennials mean that companies will need to look for creative ways to engage their employees. Josh Bersin at Deloitte sums it up well in The Talent Agenda for 2015:

“Our candidates today are not looking for a career, they are looking for an experience.”

In that spirit, TechnologyAdvice recently published a list of the most important voices of employee engagement on their blog. I’m honored to be included on their top 10 list along with New York Times best seller Kevin Kruse, Bunchball CEO Rajat Paharia, and Nisha Raghavan of DriveThruHR. Click here to read the article and tips from these employee engagement leaders.

What’s next in employee engagement? In addition to organizational design, job design, and rewards and recognition practices, many companies are turning to workspace design to facilitate employee interactions, collaboration, and engagement. Our own Workplace By Design Survey results, expected to be out by the end of January, will provide critical information for you to start a conversation with your leaders about designing an optimal workplace that facilitates employee engagement.

Until then, have a very happy holiday season and a safe and healthy new year!