Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Employee Productivity

Recently, I updated my website and switched my hosting company. What seemed like a pretty harmless operation turned out to be quite a headache. Along the way, we encountered slow load times and unfriendly plug-ins. I was not able to use my email for a day and a half.

All these issues are taken care of now. My new website loads fast. It’s mobile friendly. I’m back on my email.

But that one and a half day of interruptions was a big hit to my productivity.

I had to find alternative ways to communicate with people. I spent time thinking about this, which cut into my consulting time. I was stressed and not happy. I felt frazzled because I needed to attend to several issues at once, some of which I wished would go away if I could wave my magic wand.

Are your employees experiencing workplace interruptions that could be avoided? In addition to technology issues, outdated operation procedures, inconvenient office arrangements, and unclear job descriptions can all contribute to employee frustration and decrease productivity.

As Chip Heath and Dan Heath wrote in their book, Switch, what seems like a personnel problem is often actually a situation problem.

Here are some simple steps to improving your employees’ productivity:

  • Ask employees what works well at their workplace and what does not; invite employees to provide suggestions for making the workplace better.
  • Observe employees’ workflow and interactions. Can you make some low cost and simple tweaks to optimize collaboration?
  • Invite employees to take snapshots of what energizes them and what deflates their morale during the workday. Review these snapshots to identify trends and insights. Small changes could lead to big results.

What other simple things have you done, or could you do, to improve employee productivity?